Deep Drawing IDDRG2022 Conference LORIENT FRANCE

41st International Deep Drawing Research Group Conference

The 41st IDDRG conference will be held in Lorient, France, from 6 to 10 June 2022, organised by Université Bretagne Sud. All engineering aspects of sheet metal forming are included, such as thermo-mechanical behaviour of materials, formability, tools, tribology, process reliability, numerical simulation and experiments.

In addition to general topics, the theme of IDDRG 2022 is "Beyond the horizon for conventional and non-conventional sheet forming processes".

Welcome to Brittany! Degemer mat e Breizh!

Sandrine Thuillier, Université Bretagne Sud

Patrick Duroux, ArcelorMittal France



This event is an event listed in "The year of the mechanics" organized by the French Association of Mechanics (AFM)




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